Live review: Jackie Onassis, United Fruit, Carnivores, Bronto Skylift at King Tut’s, 20/7/11

This one’s sold out and it’s no surprise considering all the advertising in Tut’s for these Summer Nights events suggest Bronto Skylift are the headliners of the whole two week event. Still, the barriers are up and the place is pretty busy by the time Jackie Onassis takes the stage.

From the off the four-piece are up for it and frontman Rikk is on top form strutting about the stage topless focusing all the attention from the crowd, which he would be in if it wasn’t for the barrier and a rather intimidating security guy. Jackie O play a set of full on hardcore punk attitude drawing from all the best areas of metal.

Tonight’s gig is all about volume and Jackie O deliver that with the best of them add to that a captivating stage presence and you’re on to a good show.

Next up are United Fruit who keep energy levels at a high, demonstrated by sweat visibly dripping from the heads of the band. This doesn’t hinder their frantic pace and combined with vocals pushing towards the heavier end of the alt rock spectrum this is high octane stuff, and they are justified to be out of breath by the end.

Carnivores are up next and continue with another set of fast paced alt rock, with the odd nod to pop punk. When they’re at breakneck speed it sees them at their best, frontman Kenny, although he doesn’t look it, is comfortable spitting angular fast lyrics but moves into slower more overindulgent choruses at bit too often, still they do plenty to keep an eager crowd going.

Explosive duo Bronto Skylift finish off the bill and there’s a big weight on their shoulders, they are headlining the whole event after all. They immediately seem to take the volume up another peg as powerful almost mind boggling drums combine with fits of guitar and fast vocals in superb fashion.

Short, fast and loud is what Bronto Skylift are and the fact that only two people produce this sound is quite extraordinary. Drummer, Iain, is a supreme talent and he leaves the crowd in awe with his skill, while guitarist Niall adds the touches to bring the whole sound together.

This is raw and hard and has the majority of the crowd captivated. Whether they’ve lived up to the headliner for the whole event is questionable, there is definitely something in Bronto Skylift that sets them apart from many on the scene and they’ve got plenty of time to justify the hype. From this they certainly have it in them.

Photos: Emily Wylde

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