Record review: Wake The President – Zumutung!

Zumutung! Is the second album from Wake The President and is a fresh as the debut.

It contains all the indie-pop elements of the first and just seconds in, has the catchy guitar riffs you would expect.

The album is fast paced with wonderfully bouncy beats and pop guitar sounds blended with hard emotion.

Brothers Erik and Bjorn Sandberg are the core of the band, writing the music and the lyrics.

With their Scottish indie influence and Swedish roots, they have stayed true to their original concept with this album and the songs are inspiring.

‘Your Expressions’ has dark meanings behind the 80’s pop sound; “your expression, the resentful stare of incomprehension”.

This hidden darkness continues through the record with ‘A Messiah Complex’, this interlude is built up of layers of blurred vocals and obscure guitar, heavy on reverb resonating behind.

‘Elaine’ is the most commercial of the ten tracks, Brit-pop influence is apparent as is that of the 80’s funk-pop likes of Orange Juice; a song to hear live, fab for a sunny festival day.

‘E.T’ is another stunning track, much slower than the rest of the record with Mogwai-like music behind the vocals.

During the vocal repetitions of the chorus, it has a catchy tune that after hearing just once, is guaranteed to be bouncing about in your head.

The album flows, more so than debut, and the songs are elegant and they tell their own stories.

Words: Sarah Devine


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