Record review: The Yawns – The Yawns [Electropapknit/Cath/Giant Hell]

On first listen The Yawns’ self-titled debut album might remind you of two other Scottish bands, The Pastels and early Camera Obscura, and maybe even American bands like the Pixies and Girls.

As you listen to the album more, however, the band’s own personality shines through.

The singing is often buried among instruments, and while the lyrics are sometimes hard to decipher, the singer portrays emotion through his voice very well.

The female backing vocals add a lot to the singing, adding an extra layer to a sound that already has so many layers.

The production is perfect, creating a great, deep, reverb-y sound.

The whole album is only around 25 minutes long, but this is a good thing, the energy is consistent throughout the album, and if it was any longer it’s possible that this would waver.

This constant energy creates an incredibly cohesive album, and since it’s so short, there’s that temptation to listen to it over and over again.

Being such a great, consistent and cohesive album means that it’s hard to pick a favourite song, but that’s not really necessary with an album like this.

All you need is a good set of speakers and lie down with eyes closed taking in all the sounds.

Overall, a great first album from a great new band, I haven’t had the opportunity to see them live yet, but I can tell from listening to the album that it would be a fantastic gig.

You can download the whole album from their bandcampwith a pay what you want system, and these guys definitely deserve all the money they can get!

Words: Phil Rodgers

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