Record review: Roman Nose – Youthclubbed [Badly Built]

1Roman Nose 'Youthclubbed' Artwork

Sophistication and perseverance are two words thrown about way too often these days, especially when it is neither merited nor particularly true.

With an over saturation of lightweight DJ acts relying on incredibly weak synthesizers and horrendously bland drops, it is becoming increasingly trudge worthy attempting to find some diamonds in the rough.

Roman Nose gives it their best shot to deviate from this formula and come up with the right answers, well most of the time anyway.

Mixing the sharp invention of Ratatat with the violence and demeanour of Prodigy, the Glaswegian trio serve up wave after wave of scuzztastic delight on opener and title track ‘Youthclubbed’.

There are even some elements of Nine Inch Nails to be found synched within Roman Nose, the sheer aggression and slow pondering relentlessness of the bass that Trent Reznor would be proud of.

Unfortunately on closer ‘Bloodsport’, the beats become jaggy and awkward rather than enticing and soaring.

Tempo changes are one thing, but here they don’t always work and worst of all detract from the final product, which is a shame, because there are moments within this track – specifically just after the four minute mark when there is a real feeling that an epic drop is within touch.

Instead the track drifts off into an open space without enough direction to merit a second play.

Roman Nose create their best work when they keep it short and sweet; ‘Kill the Vampyrs’ for example provides a more fruitful and bristling impact in just over four minutes than ‘Bloodsport’ does in double that time.

The track has a vitality and energy about it, stamped with a gorgeous tempo change within two minutes before slamming back down on the pedal and going into a complete schizophrenic and delightful mess as they approach the finish line.

It is absolutely perishing and works a treat – they should stick to this formula for more consistent results in the future.

Words: Chris Kelman


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