Live review: Local Natives, Cloud Control at The Arches, 21/10/13

_MG_6063Local Natives appear to be the indie band that LA is clinging its hopes to to be the next big thing, and while this four-piece are very modest about their successes to date and the comparisons made to them, they also appear quietly confident in their own talents.

Their second album, Hummingbird, was released earlier this year and what it brought was a solid progression from their debut, Gorilla Manor, following tours with The National and Arcade Fire and working on the new album with The National’s Aaron Dessner, things seem to be going their way.

Tonight they visit Glasgow for the first time in around three years, when they played three times at Tut’s in very short space of time, tonight though they’ve been upgraded and correctly so as the main arch is healthily full by the time they saunter on stage.

Before they do though it’s label mates Cloud Control’s turn to wow the Glasgow crowd and their fuzzy indie doesn’t let down as it hooks people in with its upbeat sunny vibes; exactly what Glasgow needs in the wettest week this year.

The Aussie four-piece seem in high spirits and eager to impress with their second album, Dream Cave, only out around a month, and do so comfortably as frontman Alister Wright comes across as a likeable character engaging in banter with the audience.

It’s an impressive show from a band building their way towards their own headline slots around the UK, and from this performance and a glance at who else they’ve shared a bill with that’ll only be just around the corner.


Local Natives open their night off with probably their most accomplished step towards the big time in first single from Hummingbird ‘Breakers’, the track sees the band poised to elevate themselves to the next level as Taylor Rice and Kelcey Ayer’s full on harmonies hook the crowd in for a set full of sun kissed indie rock.

The band go on to bring in a few numbers from their youthfully exuberant debut, including the wonderfully melodic ‘World News’ and their original take on Talking Heads’ ‘Warning Sign’.

A blast into new album territory for a stretch mid set demonstrates that the newer tracks are still growing to become fan favourites, however the affectingly beautiful ‘Columbia’ does stand out as one of the stronger moments of the night.

The band is clearly up for a night out and form an echo of “Sleazy’s” in a slightly confused manor as they recite recommendations made earlier in the day, before telling the crowd to come down to the merch desk and tell them where to go.

The closing four tracks, all coming from their debut album, see LA indie’s hottest property sign off with a bang, as garage rock number ‘Camera Talk’, their most melodic number to date ‘Airplanes’ and the beautiful ‘Who Knows, Who Cares?’ bring us into an encore of rousingly uplifting ‘Sun Hands’.

Local Natives tonight make a successful jump up the venue ladder in Glasgow, expect them in a bigger one following album number three,

Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Jayjay Roberson

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