The Duke, Detroit – ‘Accelerate’ [Deaf by Stereo]

The Duke, Detroit’s new single ‘Accelerate’ throws us, spinning and stumbling back in time to the mid-80s, through their use of prominent synth and keyboards.

This accompanies start-stop vocals, which follow heartbeat-like drumming, until the chorus kicks in which, as the title suggests, causes the track to build and speed up.

The Duke, Detroit take the vintage sound of 80s electro pop, influenced by the likes of Gary Numan and Depeche Mode, and bring it back to life in the modern day without sounding like poor mimics of a past genre.

“Accelerate, we’ve got to escape/everything about us is dangeroussings the vocalist within the chorus alongside female backing vocals.

The band describes themselves as “electric indie disco” and this is a perfect example of their ability to combine these three genres in one, through this sleek and stylish single.

Words: Orla Brady

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