The Black Denims – ‘Obviously’

New single, ‘Obviously’, really captures The Black Denims’ raucous 1950’s rock‘n’roll atmosphere, infused with jazz beats and rockabilly vocals it makes for one wild and fun record.

It begins with a melodic jazz feel to it with the thick double-bass tone and the deep percussion giving it an easygoing swing attitude.

The brass melody gives the track the added jazzy sound, but the vocals are straight out of Sun Studio, Scott McPherson has taken some real influence from Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry to produce this authentic style.

The song continues in a jazz manner only to introduce rockabilly style piano, which contributes to the all round 1950’s sound the band achieves.

B-side ‘Big Hunk of Love’ is more of the fiery 50’s rock‘n’roll; wild piano, blazing trumpets and eccentric vocals give this song the energy to make anybody dance.

The song focuses mainly on the piano riffs complimenting the brassy tone of the trumpets and how all of this creates the upbeat and exuberant style of music.

This is a record that embraces the beginnings of rock‘n’roll; the energy is enormous and completes this very lively record.

Obviously by The Black Denims

Words: Louis Jenkins


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