T in the Park 2015

Another year and another massive piss up in a field… Only this year it’s a different field.

Yes, Scotland’s biggest festival had to move, and to much controversy too.

New location, Strathallan Castle, was deemed to close to the ospreys and the badgers for those nature-loving folks, but the festival, love it or hate it, brings such a large chunk of income to the area hosting it that many welcomed it with open arms.

But yeah… It got the go ahead and here we are!

Did I mention there was music too? Lots of it too, some brilliant, some terrible and some incredibly questionable, but music nonetheless – but that’s always the way with these big festivals.

There’s always going to be people complaining about how weak a festival is, how it is in decline, how no one goes for the music anymore; I’ve been guilty of this, but whatever day you look at there’s something worth seeing, whether that be upcoming gems at BBC Introducing and T Break, giants of the industry at the festivals three huge stages or indeed the never giving relentlessness the Slam Tent is every single year.

Still, this year is new for everyone, after 18 years at Balado, the punters, the organisers, the staff and the bands are all bound to come across new hurdles, ones that would need to be taken in their stride and ironed out the next year.

Regardless, my photographer and me head up from Glasgow with anticipation high for a fun weekend full of music, dancing, bumping into to old faces and meeting new ones.


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