Siobhan Wilson – Say It’s True [Reveal]

Say It’s True is a hauntingly beautiful account of a folk record, combining delicate vocals with complacent melodies and intimate lyrics.

The first track from Siobhan Wilson’s new EP is title-track ‘Say It’s True’, which introduces Wilson’s unforgettable and enduring breathy vocal style along with a simplistic melody made up of elegant guitar tones, soft percussion and a small stringed section at the end.

‘Terrible Woman’ has more of a melancholic sound, as the flamenco-style guitar brings in Wilson’s vocals and continues to tell the story of lost love, highlighting her lyrics, “I don’t want to be kept, don’t want to belong to anyone, does that make me a terrible woman?”

‘Desperate Thing’ begins with wistful piano and vocals longing for past love, it is a testimony to love’s nostalgic embrace and Wilson captures this perfectly by introducing an airy middle section of violin, brass and sparkly piano notes.

‘White Gown’ has an upbeat catchy country folk guitar riff, and combined with the falling vocal harmonies this track is put together in a balanced manner with touching and personal lyrics.

‘The Great Eye’ begins again with slow pensive piano, which leads up to eerily fascinating vocal harmonies, jazz chord progressions and reflective lyrics (“when will there be peace again in my mind?”).

‘You Make Everything Better’ continues Wilson’s jazz influences with the guitar’s melodic progression and heart-warming lyrics, spins the melancholic feel of the EP to a contented one.

Last track ‘Believe in Everything’ is a relaxing and well-rounded end to the EP as it keeps up the same easy-going melodies and has some of the best harmonies and vocal outbursts within the EP.

Say It’s True demonstrates Wilson’s remarkable skill as a musician and lyricist and is guaranteed to make the hairs on anybody’s neck stand up.

“Say It’s True” EP by Siobhan Wilson – Physical CD by Siobhan Wilson

Words: Louis Jenkins


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