MiniMILK featuring SHARPTOOTH, Lush Purr at The Hug and Pint, 7/8/15

As I make my way downstairs to The Hug and Pint’s basement I’m surprised to see I’m the first at tonight’s show.

Nevertheless I’m greeted by a hug from the wonderfully cheery Hannah Currie, while Aileen Lynn is already engrossed in playing songs that will encourage tonight’s the crowd to dance.

MILK are known for their ability to make their gigs feel more like a house party and the change in venue hasn’t changed this as the MILK team great each arrival like a close friend.

The fresh-faced Lush Purr are first on tonight’s bill – with members from The Yawns and Mirror Parties I am keen to see what they have to offer and they don’t disappoint.

The four-piece are at home on stage as they deliver an extremely tight set – it is obvious there is a great connection between the band’s members, which only adds to their performance.

Lush Purr demonstrates great musicianship throughout as they power through a number of raw and fuzz-filled pop songs, while tonight’s other act – the insanely cool female four-piece SHARPTOOTH – offer a much more eerie, haunting and almost jagged sound.

The only word I can really use to describe their set is intense, as the combination of soft harmonies, scratching guitars and deep bass create an impressive wall of sound.

Last year’s release ‘Sister’ is a highlight, allowing the band to really showcase their unique style with stunning angelic harmonies alongside contrasting petulant chanted vocals which deliver the song’s message.

SHARPTOOTH continue to deliver a hypnotic set that grips the crowd’s attention from start to finish – another excellent night of live music from MILK, which will hopefully continue in its new home.

Words: Jess Lavin


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