Catholic Action – ‘Rita Ora / Breakfast’ [Luv Luv Luv]

Glaswegian rockers Catholic Action first buckled up their boots in late 2014 as Chris McCrory –drummer in underground faves Casual Sex, recruited Jamie Dubber (bass), Ryan Clark (drums) and Andrew Macpherson (guitar) for a glam rock knees up.

Their debut single ‘LUV’ earned them spots supporting both The Libertines and more recently Teenage Fanclub, whose pop classicism they wittily filter through the lense of Slade’s good-time stomp.

Their new single is double A-side ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Rita Ora’; the former is a riff fest with a fairly predictable “take my hand, take my advice” refrain, but the latter is far more interesting packing hand clap percussion and a maddening earworm of a riff, reminiscent of The Jam.

Don’t expect to learn a lot about the pop star behind hits like ‘Black Widow ‘and ‘How We Do’ from the Glaswegian boys – McCrory has suggested the name was chosen more for its duo syllabic qualities than any particular appreciation of the Jay Z protégé – but the peppy chant along chorus has all makings of a T-Rex smash.

Words: Max Sefton

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