Mogwai – ‘Party in the Dark’ [Temporary Residence]

Mogwai’s new single employs repetitive but evolving instrumentals to create a sense of continuity and direction.

The airy vocal tracks contribute to the overarching size of the track.

With intelligent lyrics and simple but effective musical elements, the track continues in the rich tradition of high quality, multi-faceted and altogether highly enjoyable Mogwai songs.

This track has more of a sing-along sort of thing going than a lot of their music does.

It is spacey, melodic, fun and full of life.

The use of a simple synth track in the choruses elevates the track subtly, as if to the higher plane of a dream.

If new album – Every Country’s Sun carries forward the momentum of this single then it should make for a brilliant listen indeed.

Words: Paul Aitken

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