Jonny Shitbag & The Smokes – You Could Not Have Given the Slightest Fucks [Hidden Bay]

You Could Not Have Given the Slightest Of Fucksis released by French cassette only label Hidden Bay Records and the band would have you believe Jonny Shitbag disappeared after the demo’s were recorded leaving it to The Smokes (Curls, Traff and TJ) to pull it together from the limited demos and scribbled lyrics and chords, which mysteriously arrived through Curls letterbox with an Asian postmark.

With leanings towards 90s alt pop and a 60s American pop feel the gritty lyrics describing rebellion and an element of hopelessness bring it bang up to date.

With a mix of bright pop music, garage rock and psychobilly the short sharp songs stimulate your interest.

No nonsense lyrics using the best (or worst) of street language describe all the issues of a modern Scottish upbringing.

With 25 minutes in total, it’s a strong production loaded with content, bright catchy hooks, strong choruses and intriguing subject matter make it extremely listenable.

Is it a tribute to Jonny Shitbag, will Jonny return and will the band get back in the studio? The unanswered questions are growing.

Words: Derek McCutcheon

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