Live review: GoGoBot, Brown Bear & the Bandits, Queen Jane at Tut’s, 2/12/11

Occasionally you hear a band who leave you questioning ‘who do they sound like’ and your left to ponder long after they’re over, Queen Jane are one of these bands.

With tints of WU LYF and a slight nod towards Franz Ferdinand they open tonight’s show.

They take time to warm the crowd up to their sound but by the end of the set they acquired a room full of enthusiastic fans.

Brown Bear and the Bandits almost immediately overwhelm the crowd with their frantic folk/pop hybrid sound which fires up a sing-a-long with fan favourite ‘Truth or Dare’, resulting in a mass stomp to the beat which only increased with the instrumental ‘Celtic Jam’.

They finish with throwing stuffed bears into the crowd, clutched tightly by those that caught them and bursting into ‘Cynics Gold’ adding a few bars of Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ to the end of the track before leaving the stage appearing emotional at such a positive response from the tightly packed Tut’s crowd.

By the time GoGoBot begin their set many have left, leaving the venue looking sparse but the band carry out the set with the all tightness and charisma expected of them with ‘The Survey says Dance’ getting the GoGoBot fanatics moving.

But, the most impressive part of their set is the lights set up which perfectly fits the backing tracks of each song.

They’re a great live band but tonight the novelty of them over weighed the talent with comparisons to Electric 6 and The Darkness being whispered as the set ends.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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