Record review: The Winter Tradition – ‘San Diego’ [Kittiwake]

Dynamic, energetic sounds from The Winter Tradition on their new single, ‘San Diego’, which stylistically straddles somewhere between power pop and stadium rock.

It’s got the textures and sounds you expect from the likes of U2, but has all the classic hooks and songwriting tricks that made bands like The Who great.

While there’s influence from the polished rock of our American cousins, it’s a sound that’s clearly a product of a Scottish upbringing.

It’s gorgeously upbeat, but segments of sadness sneak into it, alongside the gruff vocals that make no attempt to hide each and every inflection.

It’s a song with that best displays their passion, energy and, most important of all – experience – not of being in a band and learning their trade, but at living life.

Words: Matthew Slater

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