Cutty’s Gym – Sick Glass [Bloc+]

Glasgow based 2-piece instrumental math rock band Cutty’s Gym is making a name for themselves through their spectacularly energetic live performances.

After taking their live show across Europe and round events in Glasgow such as MILK and the unlikely venue of under a west end bridge, we are treated to the EP Sick Glass.

Featuring Bronto Skylift drummer Iain Stewart and former Citizens guitarist/singer Craig McIntyre the band provide us with a barrage of catchy guitar loops, crazy math rock beats and huge rock riffs.

In a time when the loop pedal is highly over used it’s refreshing to hear a band use one in the way Cutty’s Gym do, in a subtle and musical sense, not just as the gimmick.

Although the technical ability of the duo is highly impressive this is not an EP to listen to simply for impressive technical musicianship, but one filled with great songs for music lovers of all kinds.

The band provides us four catchy, well-layered tracks that stick in your head, an extremely impressive debut from one of Glasgow’s most explosive live acts.

Words: Iain Gillon

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