Fatherson at The Arches, 26/4/14

Tonight, rising local band turn local heroes after the release of their first studio album I Am An Island, take on the obscure stage of the singular Glaswegian dome-shaped venue for their biggest headline to date.

Swarming with a very impatient audience packed like sardines in the venue that for once looks smaller than it usually is, Ross Leighton brings I Am An Island to life with a solo introduction of the first track ‘An Island’, welcoming the crowd with his candid and flawless moving vocals.

The excitement that follows the first high notes pervades the brick walls of the entire venue becoming almost palpable for the audience and when ‘Hometown’ resonates after the first track, a musical bomb goes off sending the crowd off their feet.

The band’s professionalism strikes as a well-oiled machine and even if the audience is mostly filled with their friends and families the boys keep a straight face on and power through an hour long set without flinching.

When the tension falls from the time to time the band does not stop sharing their thankfulness and absolute delight to be here standing in front this joyful bunch of punters only assembled here for their passion for music.

Signs of this everlasting enthusiasm, drummer Greg Walkinshaw cannot help peering over his drum kit at the end of almost every song, flabbergasted by the amount of people present while bassist Marc Strain expresses frantically how “absolutely insane” this night is at several occasions.

From ‘First Born’ to ‘Lights’, from ‘Kitters’ to ‘I Like Not Knowing’ the rising Scottish quartet exposes its raw and bare talent and its desire to play more and more on stage, their vivid and propane-fuelled energy leaving the crowd breathless and ecstatic.

The live rendition of old hit ‘James’ propels the fans into another dimension and when the band is joined on stage by fellow supporters singing in unison, the audience is completely conquered.

Fatherson is right on track for bigger things, those kids have a dream and they will keep chasing it no matter what, be sure of that.

More photos

Words: Jeremy Veyret
Photos: Robbie Boyd


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