Nothing at Broadcast, 13/9/16

Philadephia four-piece Nothing is an intriguing act; despite residing on traditionally metal label Relapse, they very much exist within the current trend of post-hardcore bands drifting towards a more shoegazey, 90’s alt-rock sound along with the likes of Whirr and recently even Title Fight.

It’s an interesting development, with mixed results, but Nothing have so far stood out as early leaders with their debut, 2014’s Guilty of Everything and now sophomore effort Tired of Tomorrow.

This is, surely, testament to the reasonably packed and sweaty Tuesday night Broadcast on a day where the rest of the world is seemingly enjoying the hottest September ever.

True to form, Nothing’s waves of guitars wash over the audience into a collective meditative state.

In fact, the crowd is so respectful that increasingly intoxicated frontman Dominic Palermo starts questioning the awkwardness of British fans, encouraging them to “talk in-between songs”.

This in itself is an awkward act, but it works, the crowd and band alike loosen up after the request giving a real energy that was slightly lacking early on.

While the band is fairly inebriated, this makes no difference to their performance as they rip through new songs and old, such as the excellent ‘Vertigo Flowers’ and ‘Get Well’, while other older tracks ‘B&E’ and ‘Bent Nail’ get a particularly rapturous applause for re-visiting into the band’s current catalogue.

While their new material expectedly dominates, it shows the band have matured tenfold since their last tour and album, with the overall live and studio sound becoming much more luscious and controlled on tracks such as ‘A.C.D’.

Essentially, Nothing has a sound and they do it well.

At times one is reminded of acts such as Dinosaur Jr. and Mudhoney and wonder if these are more appropriate comparison points than the “shoegaze” tag, which casually gets thrown around these days.

Whatever it is, awkward stage patter aside, the band put on a very impressive show tonight that will leave those in attendance licking their chops for more.

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Words/Photos: Adam Turner-Heffer

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