Immi – Immi

Immi is a new name on the scene but she’s already made quite an impact, seemingly appearing from nowhere, her debut self-titled EP is a blend of pop, RnB and soul.

The EP tells the story of one relationship, with each song documenting a different stage; from the sweet beginnings to the betrayal, and finally to the moving on; love, heartbreak and loss may not be new topics to cover, but Immi delivers a refreshingly honest take.

Lead single ‘Like You’ opens the EP with a unique vocal performance, blending smooth tones with almost spoken lyrics at points.

The track features some heavier guitars towards the end that provide a great background to the sultry vocals and add some new depth.

The understated chorus on ‘Easy’ shows how well Immi embraces simplicity to create captivating sounds, however other points on the EP could benefit from a more complex arrangement.

Immi’s voice has an effortless quality and there’s no attempt to conceal her accent, so her personality shines through on every track and adds a uniqueness to the record.

The lyrics on ‘Brand New’ don’t hold back, featuring the line, “but you ruined that for one night with a curly-haired blonde bitch,” the song is deceptively sweet sounding considering the hurt and anger that it’s full of.

The EP is rounded off with a sense of closure on ‘Sober’, which delivers the best vocal performance of the record; it’s about accepting the end of a relationship, moving past the hurt and making peace with the situation.

There’s a slightly sad feel to the track but the sound of hope for the future shines through the cracks.

‘Sober’ is about moving on to the next chapter, and we can’t wait to see what that chapter brings.

Words: Shannon McGarrity

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