Best Girl Athlete – Best Girl Athlete [Fitlike]

Katie Buchan, otherwise known as Best Girl Athlete, has returned with her new self-titled album, which includes an eclectic mix of tracks displaying her strength in producing a strong and diverse range of music.

The album opens with ‘Baby Come Home’, one of the strongest tracks on the album.

It is a hauntingly dark song with elements of folk and rock, however it also includes a surprising section of rap from Jackill, which brings a very modern edge to the track.

Songs such as ‘Cigarette Dreams’, ‘Silver City’ and ‘Lucy’ carry on this eerie element to the album due to their dreamy musical interludes and meaningful lyrics.

However, Buchan does include more upbeat tracks such as ‘In the Morning’, ‘Join The Masons’ and closer ‘Sometimes’, all of which display her ability to alternate between acoustic based tracks and more pop/indie based songs.

Best Girl Athlete’s debut album Carve Every Word was released two years ago and it is important to consider how much Buchan has grown musically, and lyrically, in that time.

The album is stronger and sounds a great deal more confident as Buchan plays around with an interesting mix of genres and styles.

It is also noticeable in terms of the lyrics on the album that Best Girl Athlete has moved into a more mature and complete space, through her alluring vocals and striking lyrics that shape each track.

The most powerful tracks on the album are undoubtedly ‘Cigarette Dreams’ and ‘Lucy’ as they highlight what the entire album is focused around – mystery and heightened emotion that are mirrored by a number of musical crescendos.

However, although some tracks are stronger than others, this album is exceptionally well shaped and shows Buchan’s growing strength as an independent artist, promising impressive things to come in the future.

Words: Orla Brady

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