Electric Honey Annual Showcase at Oran Mor, 26/6/15

Opening the Electric Honey sessions is psychedelic rock duo Apache Sun; despite this being their first performance with this line-up, they have the talent of a five-piece band with Kris Mitchells distorted vocals and marching drums throughout.

Next up is Finn LeMarinel, who is the complete opposite from any other act tonight; known for his emotional falsetto vocals and percussive style of playing guitar, he is similar to the likes of Justin Vernon and Damien Rice.

Unfortunately his quiet, delicate sound cannot compete against the noisy crowd as he continually asks people to keep quiet (and eventually “fucking shush”), but who can compete with the west end on a Friday night?

Finishing his set with ‘Become’ and ‘Love is Waves’, both songs from his EP released earlier this year, he shows off his talents on the guitar and haunts the song with chilling lyrics.

A beautiful performance, however it is a shame the crowd do not recognise nor respect this.

Third act in the showcase is Inverness five-piece SchnarffSchnarff; a bongo style drum march starts off their first song, ‘Desk’, which stays aggressive and powerful throughout, showing off their raw talent.

Their grunge-pop sound has clearly been polished over a long time, as the band is both tight and professional.

Front man Myles Bonnars energetic performance is reflected by the audience, who are clearly a loyal following singing-along to every word.

Lastly is Harry and the Hendersons, and instantly you can feel the chilled, hippy vibe they are sending off.

The six-piece armed with acoustic guitars and funky hats use their advanced vocals to their advantage, perfectly harmonizing each line.

They remind me of a young Kassidy, soon to outgrow their Scottish background with their folk rock music.

During ‘All My Money’, they introduce a saxophonist who gives it a much more funk feel with many impromptu jazz runs.

‘Opia’ shows a new side to the band, with a slow, almost medieval sounding introduction that soon bursts into musical madness, and then further into a whole a cappella section completed by all five vocalists perfectly.

Harry Mulvenna introduces the next song as something to please themselves, more than the crowd, a cover of ‘The Weight’ by The Band, during which each vocalist takes a verse and all seem very passionate about.

For their last two songs, they bring the saxophonist back, and plead for more time on stage as the crowd chant for more.

‘Behind the Curve’ proves a crowd pleaser, with many beloved fans singing-along and dancing, before another cover by The Band – ‘Mystery Train’.

Harry and the Hendersons tonight prove themselves to be both capable songwriters and instrumentalists, and although they are yet to release an album seem ready for greater things.

More Photos

Words: Pamela Logan
Photos: Daphne Michalaki

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