The Begbies – ‘Sleeping Dogs’

This year has been a major turning point for the West Lothian six-piece The Begbies, as the band have just about revamped their entire lineup: recruiting a new vocalist, drummer, bassist and brass section.

Despite The Begbies dusting themselves off, freshening up their lineup and practically coming out brand spanking new at the other end, the band still retains the essence of the sound that they have worked on since their conception in 2009.

New single, ‘Sleeping Dogs’, is an exuberant melody that marks the start of this new era for them.

As the self-proclaimed Kings of ‘Skindie’, the single is a unique fusion of ska and Scottish indie style that creates an uninhibited sound.

It benefits from its own sense of the natural; a feeling that they know they are very raw and are not afraid to fully exhibit the rough bits around their edges.

The new addition of the brass section is significant, as it adds a richness that allows the band’s sound to feel more expressive than it did before, however, the single is certainly not just an infectious ska romp – as hidden under the jovial beat is a seriously charged political message.

The lyrics touch on big issues such as unemployment and seem to be sending a message about the damage that society is doing by ignoring our deeply ingrained problems.

It is clear to see that the band have a lot to say, and will now be able to convey this better than ever with their newly refined lineup and sound.

Words: Katharine Gemmell

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