WOMPS – ‘Darling’

The impression ‘Darling’ leaves is immediate, drawing the listener in from the first note and holding onto it thereafter.

‘Darling’ makes it easy to see why WOMPS are all over the place, with multiple shows at SXSW and having played a bunch of biggies over the last year, WOMPS are making worldwide waves.

Every additional element from the word go is a bonus ball with this track – each aspect of the song serves to accentuate, empower and enlighten the others.

‘Darling’ develops into a mature, lovable and clearly well loved track.

The production, mixing and mastering is of a notably high quality and the song itself is remarkably well balanced, ceasing to impress at no point.

A lot of works these days; songs, films, books and TV, tend to be of multiple genres rather than just the one – with the success of that work being proportional to the artists understanding and ability to balance those different genres.

WOMPS do well here to understand the multiple genres of which they pay homage, and their ability to balance them is commendable.

Their attitude laden punk elements are woven delicately into a distinctly more synthetic and atmospheric effort than they have led to expect.

Their debut LP, Our Fertile Forever, was generally harder and more traditional with a rawer edge, while ‘Darling’ is less raw, but has instead been seared to perfection.

It is a departure from their older material, but a good departure.

Words: Paul Aitken

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