Hilltown Disco – HIL003

A final frontier, an inter-galactic space trip, it’s a freaky kinda spooky opener to this disco compilation from Crossmods with ‘Visualised’.

The next two tracks have the same feel and come from the same artist, ‘Yearn’is a little more upbeat with ghostly like sampling; the build ups are subtly executed and the neat little fade that follows further adds to the spirit of the tune.

‘Jive’is more of a throwback to the 80s with its dominant synth tone and repeated feature, while we get a bit more of that house style feel weaving in and out of this one.

Moving onto something a little more 8bit with a pretty glock on display, it’s a bit more funky and less full of that eerie air.

The tune is artfully layered with real gritty low synth tones coming into play as it builds, while the middle section has more of a dancey feel.

Aurora Borealis’mimics the space voyage that we were just transported on in the previous tracks, Edmundy plays around with a lot of different ideas in this one while still keeping the feel consistent throughout.

Finishing with some strong beats, ‘Digits’conjures something of a mythical creature with what sounds like an alien cry.

It’s almost whimsical and has a vague sense of deep space; it’s got that rolling house beat that keeps you tapping along, waiting for a drop, waiting for a change of rhythm.

It’s full of keen anticipation and cracking, solid bass beats juxtaposed against light little breaks before hitting back hard with the opening repeated pattern.

Hilltown Disco is an unexpected flavour of house and nu-disco that succeeds in being unique and colourfully successful.

Words: Rachel Cunningham

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