Mt. Doubt – ‘Conduits’ [Scottish Fiction]

To be assumed to be an “indie” guitar band can often limit an act – not for Mt. Doubtthough, they aren’t afraid to use their highly polished pop sensibility while avoiding the garage style recording quality that so often defines the genre.

Featuring on 2017 EP, Moon Landings, this fresh, bright and affecting single shows what can be done when an idea is cohesive in its parts.

The result is a subtle yet engaging track that pours melodic content from front to back between the lead vocal on the verses to the gang choir of the chorus.

Pop is the best way I can describe this track, and that term really shouldn’t have the stigma that it does thanks to the sugar coated mainstream that it’s so closely associated with.

Instead it should be reclaimed for bands like Mt. Doubt who have wrangled hooks and polish to create a genuine pleasure in listening, while still having something to say.

‘Conduits’ is a gateway drug to an exceptional back catalogue that everyone should hear.

Moon Landings by Mt. Doubt

Words: Krist McKenna


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